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Building Intelli-mate: Real-World Tech Tales - Lisbon GenAI Community Meetup #5

By David Alecrim on Mar 20, 2024
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This talk happened at the Lisbon GenAI community meetup, and it was a great opportunity to share the journey of building intelli-mate, a collaborative AI chat tool for businesses.


Join me for a candid chat on the making of intelli-mate, a collaborative AI chat tool for businesses. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of our journey— the hiccups, learnings, and victories in developing features like multi-user interactions and document queries. Discover how we tackled everyday tech challenges to enhance team communication and knowledge sharing. This talk offers a down-to-earth peek into our tech trials and triumphs, sharing insights that resonate with developers and AI enthusiasts navigating their coding adventures.

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