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I love to write, so sharing my knowledge through this medium is great for me. All these articles are also in Medium, so feel free to drop a comment either there, or to myself directly!
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Raycast extension building guide

May 4, 2023
This article will serve to document my journey in building my very first raycast extension, publish it to the raycast store and all the quirks that I found along the way.
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Context is everything

Oct 26, 2022
Choices every engineer is faced with and how to deal with them. Maybe it will help you the next time you have difficult choices to make
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How to... Communication protocols

Sep 15, 2022
I want to write about a technique to leverage better communication between a client and an API system that are both owned by an organization.
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How to... Maintainable tests

Sep 9, 2022
An approach to acceptance testing your project with NodeJS. This article will cover what you should test and what you should not test. Testing is an art, and it's not easy to get it right.
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Micro-Frontends at Scale (part 2)

Mar 2, 2021
Following the first article on the series, which describes the architectural choices in detail, this one will focus on implementing that architecture based on Micro-Frontends (MFEs) using Module Federation.
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Micro-Frontends at scale (part 1)

Jan 28, 2021
This article will focus on analysing and designing an architecture suitable for an enterprise application at scale while keeping the advantages that a Single Page Application (SPA) provides to our end users.
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