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I love to write, so sharing my knowledge through this medium is great for me. All these articles are also in Medium, so feel free to drop a comment either there, or to myself directly!
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Lessons learned fighting the COVID pandemic

Jul 14, 2020
A story about participating in Helpful Engineering and how open sourced volunteering can teach you a lot in life.
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Async communication in distributed teams

Jan 21, 2020
This article will cover a very important topic in engineering, especially in teams that are working on projects remotely... Communication.
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React-Native Background Location

Sep 3, 2019
This post will cover a topic that has been key in many applications and will focus on a solution working fully on the background and the most interesting part of all, working from Android 4.4 to Android Oreo.
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Testing a React & Redux app — a comprehensive guide (part 1)

Jun 26, 2019
These series of posts will, hopefully, give you a good overview and examples on how you can do unit and integration tests for a react & redux app, using Jest and Enzyme.
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What makes an engineering interview good

May 31, 2019
This is my personal story on how I went from having zero interviewer experience to having a strong opinion on what a good software engineering interview is and how it should be conducted.
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